Have YOU heard of the NerdBus to N’11 yet?

Over at nerdbus.info, Brian Dunaway has created a forum for people who would like to ride the nerdiest bus around. To where, you may ask? Well Nerdtacular 2011 of course! Stop on by and add your name. Who knows…it might just happen.

Oh ya and don’t do drugs on the bus.

You know what I’ll be doing on Christmas?


Seeing this.

Remake of the John Wayne classic. Beyond stoked. And Jeff Bridges!? Dude…

Sweet Exoskeleton Suit. Helmet…not so much.

It isn’t quit the Iron Man suit we would all drool over, but it’s a start. Raytheon’s second gen. exoskeleton suit is able to lift a couple hundred pounds and punch through 3 inches of wood (without tiring the user). It uses half the energy of it’s predecessor and still allows for nimble movements. Let’s just hope that robotic technology doesn’t surpass this in progression. We need some means of defense when the machines rise up.

Article at TechNewsDaily.

Apple Evolution

Was browsing around Gizmodo today and just happened upon the above picture. We all know that technology grows and things become cheaper, better, and faster until the next big item comes out that changes everything. Just kind of odd when you see evidence of this evolution in print. Or maybe it just jumped out at me because I found an iMac (same color as the pic) on top of my mailbox, with a “Free” note taped to it not long ago. Strange how the subconscious works. Make of it what you will.