The Evolution of the Batmobile

Batman’s presence is as strong as ever in our video game playing, comic book reading, movie watching lives. This (and the new comic series The Dark Knight by David Finch which I’ve gotten into) inspired me to find this: a nifty timeline showcasing the various changes to the ride of Gotham City’s own caped vigilante.

Timeline after the break. (Note: Pretty large pic)


If you weren’t afraid of heights before…

Ok, one more…then get off my lawn

Looks like a new Indiana Jones movie is on the horizon. Maybe. Ford said that Lucas is throwing around the idea and the LaBeouf himself says that Spielberg has talked to him about it and, “it sounds really cool.” So am I scared?…yes. Hells yes! But, how much worse can it get? It’s not like Lucas will bring in Jar Jar and Howard the Duck to have a dance number with Justin Bieber…right?

Article is right over HERE.

Future Cities of the Future!

Crystal Island, Moscow

Okay, so they may just be concepts, but I thought some of these ideas were pretty interesting. 2 mile high buildings with sustainable agriculture and transportation. Buildings in Korea that are covered with plants and have gaps for air flow/material conservation. I don’t know if I would want to live my whole life in a single structure Wall-E style, but I do enjoy this sort of out of the box thinking. I am no expert on these sorts of things and I have no idea how likely or unlikely these ideas may be. They did, however, bring up interesting thoughts and conversations so enjoy them as you will!

Oh ya, here’s the page.

Couple of pics after the break if you’re lazy.