Who says paper cuts can’t be fun?

From Wayne’s World to Princess Peach, Olly Moss has created silhouette portraits for almost every geeky pop culture reference that can matter. And did I mention that there is A LOT.

Check ’em out here.

DOOM movie gets a reboot

I don’t see why they have to reboot the series. The first movie was great in so many ways like…okay the movie was terrible. Do we really want to go through that again? Well Universal Pictures thinks so and this time with no Dwayne Johnson. The only way I can see this going in a positive direction is if they hired Simon Pegg to do a “Shaun of the Dead” take on the franchise. Now THAT would be awesome. Never going to happen though.

Article here.

Dragon Age: Redemption web series

All new six-part web series with Felicia Day from The Guild.

Just got into Dragon Age myself so I have to admit that I’m a little stoked for new content in any form.

Interview with Felicia Day about the series (if you want to know a little more) here.

Say Anything Zelda…

I want this on a T-shirt.

(via AledKnowsBest)

And if you don’t get the reference. There ya go.