DOTA 2 tournament live now!

The international tournament started today and lasts until the final battle on Sunday 8/21.

If you love your RTS action and have some spare time at work, you should definitely catch part of a match (if for nothing else but to listen to the intensity of the commentators). For those of you on Steam, you can find it if you search for DOTA.

Everyone else can find the live stream here.

Fan film festival “you didn’t know you entered”

No, this isn’t really geeky, but I love it when bands and artists show appreciation to their fans.

Does it hurt that I’ve loved Blink since 6th grade? No. Is this to promote their new song and album? Yes.

Still loved it. Hope you enjoy.

Game of Thrones as a buddy comedy

Love it. Title they created is a little offensive though.

10 random Star Trek facts

If you’re a Star Trek fanatic, then you probably already know some (if not all) of these. I, who just dabbles in it casually, have not. Either way, they are pretty interesting and worth a glance. Here’s an excerpt:

2. Mr. Spock’s skin color was originally different.
Originally, Gene Roddenberry and friends wanted Spock’s skin to be a dark red, or at least to have a red tint. This was abandoned when they realized that on black-and-white TVs, Spock’s skin would look black, possibly as if Spock was in blackface. Plus Leonard Nimoy would have needed hours more in makeup every morning.

Check out the article here.