High School Talent Show, Halo Theme Song.

Halo Band

Probably the coolest rendition of video game music I have seen in a long time. These kids would make Martin O’Donnell proud. If you are fan of Halo, Talent Shows, Video Games, or music in general, this is worth checking out.


There is also a little Mario in there as an added bonus 😉

Transformer, real, working, but tiny.


I found this on YouTube today, Thought I would share the awesomeness since everyone is all exited for the Transformers Movie. This is like your cool transformer action figures only a million times cooler because it works all by itself. Way cool!

Robots in Disguise

Video Game Marching Band

We have seen many different video game music tributes. These would include Guitars, Pianos, and Acapella performances. Now you can add another one, only on a much grander scale. The Mississippi State University Marching Band played video game music from many of our favorite games such as Halo 2, Mario, Mortal Combat, and Zelda during the Half Time show. The game was on Aug. 31st and MSU lost to South Carolina. It is still freaking awesome anyways.

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