Star Trek’s Marquis Killed bin Laden

Breaking news from Germany. It appears that the Maquis Special Operations Seals Team VI were the team who killed Osama bin Laden.

Oh … you mean that that’s a result of some unlucky Google Image-searching? It wasn’t the Maquis? That’s really disappointing.


Red Skull Miniseries Coverart

For those of you looking forward to the Captain America movie, one of the draw cards might be the Red Skull, to be played by the brilliant Hugo Weaving. Starting July from Marvel Comics, ‘Red Skull: Incarnate’ is a five-issue miniseries being written by Greg Pak, with art by Miko Colak and colours by June Chung, which tells the story of how a young German boy turns into the Red Skull.

The covers, however, are being done by David Aja and are here for your viewing pleasure.

Take the jump for the other five, or head on over to Aja’s blog for the covers, his inspiration, and sketches.



The Art of Phil Noto

Phil Noto is a comic book artist, painter, and self proclaimed destroyer of worlds (check his Twitter for proof), and recently his Tumblr account has been one of the hottest places on the internet to visit. Here’s why;

Take the jump for a few more images from his Tumblr account, or just head over there yourself and be amazed. (more…)

Marvel Parodies Lil Vader with Lil Thor

This video has two things going for it; the numerous little easter-eggs dotted throughout the entire video (look out for Loki and some Stark merchandising), and its ending, so don’t stop watching till the end.