Epic Baseball Video

As a friend of mine said, “This must be shared.”

Patrick Rothfuss Interviews Jim Butcher

Now, I know that a lot of Frogpants aficionados, like our very own Scott, are also fans of authors like Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Butcher, which is why I just knew you’d love to see this video of Patrick Rothfuss interviewing Jim Butcher.

Thanks to Shawn Speakman over at the Suvudu blog for putting together this twenty minutes of magic.

A Tribute to Utah

I myself am not from Utah, but given Scott’s penchant for the “Utah Connection” I figured I’d do him a favour and post this here.

Game of Thrones Panel Video

Though I haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch this yet, and thus I’ve no idea about the quality, I’m fairly certain most of you won’t mind if the full Game of Thrones panel from San Diego Comic Con is a little bit fuzzy.

Enjoy my nerd friends.