Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Flowchart

NPR recently provided the results of a top-100 list of the best science fiction and fantasy ever written. Naturally, and sadly, it was a very uneducated/American-centric list which poorly captured the entire sphere of science fiction and fantasy, choosing instead to just list popular American names with few contenders from outside the country. It’s not a great list, but it’ll have to do for the moment.

Even more frustrating was the entire lack of usability it provided for those wanting to enter into the dangerous and large world of science fiction and fantasy fiction: there were no blurbs, categories or context.

Thankfully, the fine folks over at SF Signal have compiled the below flow chart to help you get the most out of a relatively mediocre list, with some fun questions and actual flow to the chart.

You can also check out a similar flowchart that they did for sci-fi series on NetFlix.

Best Buy Catalogue from 1996

OK, so, take yourself back 15 years; where were you? What were you doing? What computer did you have?

Here’s a bit of an aid to help you remember.

That’s right. Someone, somewhere, has found a Best Buy flyer/catalogue from September 15, 1996, and it really blows your mind, the prices and the things available.

Jump through to see a few more which will really make you laugh. Keep your eye out for Starcraft 2.



Keep Track of DC’s New 52

Not all of us have the finances to be able to buy every new #1 from DC Comics New 52 line relaunch, so we need some help. We need some guidance as to where we should be putting our money. We need reviews and expert opinion.

That’s where iFanboy comes in. From the start they’ve been covering the relaunch, and they’ve got all you’ll ever need to make the right decisions on which books to buy.

The Definitive Guide to the DC Comics Reboot – where each and every one of the New 52 are listed with their creators for your perusal.

Reviews: DC Comics 52 Pick-Up – Week One – reviews of each of the books from Week One, including the Week Zero Justice League #1

DC Relaunch Week One – By The Numbers – and if you are that way inclined, the iFanboy’s break down the numbers on all of the comics released by DC.

So go, enjoy, and work out which of the New 52 you want to be buying.

Epic Music Video Featuring Little Kids

Every now and again you’ll come across a video clip for a song that just makes you laugh! A good laugh. Not a mocking laugh. This is one such video, and I urge you all to watch it and spread it around. I really got a kick out of it.

Tell me that’s not great! Huh?!