Skyrim Basics: Don’t. Hurt. The. Chicken.

Many of us will have been playing Skyrim by now, and you will most definitely find this video spot-on. For those of you who haven’t yet delved into the massive time-sink Skyrim, then this video will act as a warning for when you do.

Also, don’t burn old ladies with your fire hand. The townspeople don’t like that, either.

Batman: Arkham City Playable Sidekicks

So, you may have heard of this little game that’s been released called ‘Batman: Arkham City’. No? Well, trust me, it’s out there, and I hear that it’s got a bit of buzz going for it. You play as Batman and hit bad guys, solve crime, the usual sort of thing.

But you can also play as his sidekicks, though don’t call them that to their faces; they get … stroppy.

Apparently you can also play as Catwoman, but apparently the skins for all three of the playable DLC characters is not as slick as that of Batman. Seeing as I won’t be playing this anytime soon – sadly – I’ll leave it for you commenters to let me know.

Take the jump to view the Robin trailer.



20 Things You Must Do At Blizzcon 2011

Care of one of my favourite webcomings – The Daily Blink – is this highly entertaining and definitely recommended list of 20 Things You Must Do At Blizzcon 2011.

My favourites are 10 and 14. Hope to hear that Scott and Turpster tried a few of these on the next episode of The Instance.

Nerd PSAs on Zombies, Slave Leia and Swamp Ass

I’m not a hundred percent certain of who Nerd Machine is or who Break is, but together they’ve created three fantastically funny PSAs for nerds that, really, you should take note of.

Take the jump for Zachary Levi on zombie killing and Kaley Cuoco on Slave Leia costumes. It’ll be informative.