A Bastion Wedding

Back last summer there was the awesome Portal marriage proposal. Not long after that there was also a Bastion wedding featuring the awesome narrator from the game. The groom e-mailed the developers of Bastion asking if they could get Logan Cunningham to record some lines for the wedding. Logan Cunningham ended up writing his own lines and e-mailing them back to the groom. In the article you can listen to these clips.

The Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks

As a kid I enjoyed playing with Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. I had a couple very basic tracks, but nothing as insane as this. Check it out:

Wired also has an interesting article on the track.

Floppy Disk Star Trek Models

For people who have no idea what a floppy disk is it is what we used to transport files around before the advent of thumb drives and other larger capacity media. Many computers do not even come with a floppy drive anymore. For those of us who have old floppy disks sitting around now you can make something really geeky out of them…Star Trek models! Here are instructions on how to make your own USS Enterprise out of an old floppy disk. And because you need something for your Enterprise to engage in intergalactic combat with you can also make a Klingon Bird of Prey. Here are the instructions. Check out the Bird of Prey I built:

Have fun!

Music That Makes You Dumb

A recent study of college students, their SAT scores, and music shows what kind of music makes you dumb. Many students from many schools were polled for the study. There is a great infographic showing the musical artists/genres along with the SAT scores. According to the study people with the lowest score has listed Lil Wayne as music they like while people with the highest scores listing Beethoven. You can check out the study, take a look at the infographic and other details of the study here.