Darth Vader – Project Manager

Have you ever wondered what made Darth Vader such a great project manager? This list points out all the ways that Vader was great at management. For example the list points out his ability to change his team as situations dictated. Admiral Ozzel messes up and Vader replaces him. Its things like this that made Vader a great project manager.

Geeky Food Items

When I was eleven I had a Mario cake for my birthday party. The cake didn’t taste all that great but it looked awesome. Check out some of these other geeky food items. There are various cakes designed to look like video game consoles, Star Wars pizzas, a cake of Luke inside of a Tauntaun, Star Trek waffles and so on. Some very creative uses of food to create all of these items. There are some tech items as well such as iPhone app icon cupcakes and an Android cake.

The 36 Worst Action Figures Ever

Cracked has released a list of the top thirty six worst action figures ever. I actually had a couple of these when I was a kid. Its not really surprising that a good portion of them are from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line. Their first couple sets of figures were pretty good and were taken from the cartoon series. As more and more figures were released they started getting weird, really weird. There are a couple Masters of The Universe figures in this list. A friend of mine had the Stinkor figure and it really did emit a horrible odor. This figure is on the list as well.

George Lucas Strikes Back

For those of us who didn’t like the Star Wars prequels check out this fan-made trailer for “George Lucas Strikes Back.”

Too bad this is only a fan trailer. This would make for an awesome movie.