The Science of Glow Sticks

For those who have ever wondered how glow sticks work and if you can make your own check out this video:

The science behind the glow sticks is actually pretty interesting.

11 Geeky Beer Pong Tables

I have only played beer pong on a couple occasions and kind of though the entire “sport” was dumb. I’d be much more interested if I played on one of these tables. These are custom made beer pong tables with artwork from various pop-culture sources such as The Legend of Zelda, Star Wars, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and so on. For my money the Legend of Zelda table is amazing. The entire over world map from the original game on a beer pong table.

Hitler VS Darth Vader…The Rematch

Be warned some of the lyrics are not safe for work…enjoy!

Apollo 11 Moon Landing Told Through Visual Data

I love data visualized in interesting ways. A video showing various data from the Apollo 11 mission has been released. The video includes an interactive timeline of the mission. There are various graphs, charts and audio of the operation. This is a very cool way to visualize something like this.