Games Featured In Popular Fiction And How To Play Them

Games are a major part of many people’s lives. This holds true in works of fiction as well. Some movies and books feature various games in them that are based on real-world games. This article has a list of various fictional games and even has rules on how to play them in real life. They even have rules for Quidditch and instructions on how people actually play the sport. Others include links on how to play Star Trek tri-dimensional chess as well as Dejarik(holographic chess) from Star Wars just to name a few.


Ralph Baer Video Profile

Ralph Baer noted for creating the Magnavox Odyssey, the first home video game console is featured in this video profile he talks about the Odyssey as well as other things he has invented over the years. He still continues to invent things to this day.

Vintage Photos Turned Into Superheroes

One great thing about the internet is seeing something old turned into something new. This article shows vintage photos from the 1870’s turned into superhero versions of those photos.  There are versions of Superman, Batman, Wolverine and even one of James T. Kirk in this collection. Definitely worth checking out.

Minecraft Lego Set Coming This Summer

Mincraft is basically Lego anyway so the natural thing to do is for them to release a set  based on the game. J!NX will be releasing this set that retails for $34.99 for a summer release. The set comes with 480 pieces including bricks made to look like the mineral blocks mined in the game as well as figures of Steve and a Creeper from the game.