5th Avenue Frogger

Remember the Seinfeld episode where George didn’t want to lose his high score on Frogger and it showed him playing a real life game of it trying to move the arcade cabinet across the street? Well Tyler DeAngelo has taken real time data and used it to create a new Frogger experience. 5th Avenue Frogger is the result. He took a web cam and placed it in a building overlooking 5th Avenue and hooked it into a program to create Frogger levels based on the real-time traffic of 5Th Avenue in New York City.

Google BBS

For those of us that remember using a BBS(bulletin board system) on the internet there has been a BBS created to show what Google might have looked like in the 1980’s, complete with dial-up sounds. You can read some of the top new stories as well as search like you would on Google’s website. A pretty cool experiment, check it out.

14 Geeky Bookends

Every geek who loves their books should check out these geeky bookends.  I once made my own out of Matrix lobby shootout figures with Neo and Trinity. In that article I really like the Portal bookends, and the Star Wars trash compactor bookends. Give them a look.

130 Simpsons Episodes Running At The Same Time

Remember in Watchmen when Ozymandias is watching that huge wall of TVs? Well this is kind of like that only entirely with Simpsons episodes, 130 of them to be exact. Check out this article to see the video. The article also explains how to read the grid. Each row is a season from one to ten. Episodes go from left to right from episode one of the season to episode thirteen. Well worth checking out.