The Dark Knight – Just The Joker

With The Dark Knight Rises coming out in a couple months I came across this video of all The Joker’s scenes from The Dark Knight:

Joss Whedon Thanks His Fans And Talks About His Success

A great posting from Joss Whedon. Well worth the read and what a stand-up guy for writing this.

Star Wars Propaganda Posters

I always love seeing something from the past mashed up with something current. These Star Wars World War 2 era propaganda posters are great. There are posters representing both sides in the galactic civil war the Empire, and Rebel Alliance. All these posters are done in the World War 2 era style. They are worth a look.

Neil Gaiman’s Interview With Stephen King

Author Neil Gaiman has recently published his full interview with Stephen King. Neil says in his post the magazine he wrote it for is behind a paywall so he decided to post it to his blog. Definitely an interesting read especially if you are a fan of either of these amazing authors.