WoW song: The internet is for prOn

One of the best videos i’ve ever seen on the internet made with WoW 😀

Here’s the link Click

Denbrought. (WARNING: Have not seen this so cant say if its nasty or not – SJ)

Coke ‘n’ Mentos


(an oldy but a goody) A priceless video 😛 I’ll try it in my house asap ^^

Click here


Matrix Ping Pong

Navigating through video-google i found this amazing video 😛

I think it deserves a “god like” or a “rampage” in the Doometer.

Hope you enjoy it 😉

Click Here


Hogwarts Dancers

Surfing in the Google Video database I found this video, freaking freak, and… freeze the screen few seconds before it ends to see Harry, Herm and Ron in their true forms :S

Watch tha video