Stack Overflow: Back Door


I rarely post these here, but as some of you are aware, I do a monthly comic for the folks at ExamForce called “Stack Overflow”. Deals mostly with tech stuff, particularly things going on in the OS world. Quite often at the expense of Microsoft, Linux, etc.

The one they just ran deals with some backdoor access that developers have when dealing with your file system in Windows 7. Thought you guys might enjoy it.

Stack Overflow…


I don’t post these here enough. They happen once a month for a client, but I keep forgetting to post them here as well.

Another Stack Overflow

Thought you might enjoy a bonus comic today. Windows fans unite!!!

Bonus comic: Stack Overflow

You might have seen the rejected version the other day. This is the one they went with. I do this comic for these guys once a month, and it’s lots of fun to work on a tech centered comic once in a while.

EDIT: Some others that were posted over time.