Makes sense to me…

January 21, 2015
Makes sense to me…

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I’m actually pretty excited about the idea. But I think it’s a little weird, that since they own the Windows platform already, that they don’t just release games like Halo 5 and the like on PC natively? Bonkers. But then again, this has been bonkers for 11 years or so. :)

12 Responses to Makes sense to me…

  1. dozeregg says:

    I know as a PC gamer I will never get the mainstream love, but why can’t we just stop getting mainstream derision? Hey studios! We wanna play too!

  2. Wesley says:

    On the XOne, the performance and quality of each game is guaranteed, which you can stream to a low(er) end device running Windows 10.
    Nevertheless, I’d also love the option to run XOne games on a PC natively if that PC is powerful enough.

  3. Xenophyn says:

    Because that doesn’t sell more XBoxes? I’m just sayin’.

  4. dethmunky says:

    I would be happy enough if I could play Call of Duty with my mouse and keyboard against people on Xbox Live. Just me though. :P

  5. John Meyer says:

    I think this is more for when the parents/spouse/children/whatever want to watch TV, but you want to play on the Xbox, now you can still play by streaming it to a tablet or PC.

    My question is, does it direct input through the device to the One or directly to the One? The latter would decrease the usefulness quite a bit as I don’t think the One controller range goes throughout a house.

  6. Aragogando says:

    This makes perfect sense though for people who have an Xbox One and PC. Do I really want to buy two copies of the same game when I can buy one for the console and just stream it to my PC/Laptop. I also see it as emulating what Sony is doing with the PS4/Vita.

  7. Jack Fox says:

    So what you are saying is, I can play my Xbox 1 games on My TV Screen, or I can hook my PC up to the same TV screen and turn both that and the Xbox 1 on and stream it to my TV screen!?



    • Rezlow says:

      I think it’s closer to: “When my wife wants to watch TLC on the big TV, I can still do my Destiny dailies when I’m suppose to be working.”

      I think it has a use… just not all that practical.

  8. Stephan Morrell says:

    I actually can see usefulness here. I don’t think it’s groundbreaking, but for those who don’t have a great gaming rig, you can basically use your PC the same way you might use the Wii-U controller and not monopolize the “family TV” and still play your xbox one.

    As I said, not groundbreaking, but still useful…

  9. Florian says:

    Nailed it Mr. Johnson. No further comments necessary

  10. Ridge says:

    Why would I want to stream inferior quality games at lower resolutions to a high end system capable of so much more than an Xbox… Why not give us the option to stream PC games to the Xbox One?

  11. Heh, that sounds like something they’d do. If only I could hook my mouse to the Xbox!

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