Modern Problems

July 22, 2015
Modern Problems

About this comic

Big thanks to Paul Ryckert, whose joke I asked permission to use. Cracked me up, but also speaks to our day and age. People text me now to ask if it’s ok if they call me. That’s a pretty big change from the pre-cell phone days. Make of it what you will. :)

3 Responses to Modern Problems

  1. Thomas says:

    “whose joke”, please (and then delete this comment)

  2. Jack Fox says:

    I think I may be in a small boat of folks that would prefer if someone called instead of texting if both are an option for both of us. If I can’t talk on the phone or they can’t but we can exchange texts. Otherwise I just prefer a call! With exceptions of course. I don’t need a call if someone is just texting “On my way now.”

  3. Falos says:

    Texting is great for comms without pending exchange, conditionals, or contingency. Zero or near-zero. Perfect for a merely informative missive.

    If it’s going to involve multiple questions or responses, I’m not dicking around a tiny virtual keyboard for dialogue.

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