That which divides us…

August 25, 2016
That which divides us…

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If there was one internet fight I’d like to see go away, it’s probably this one.

3 Responses to That which divides us…

  1. Jack Fox says:

    Oh! You have met my dad then! (If I mention eSports he acts like it’s a thing that is silly and pointless cause they aren’t doing any real work)

  2. Vake Xeacons says:

    They say sports brings us together. And nothing brings us together like a good fight!

  3. Anon says:

    Does the label really matter? Semantics are a waste of time. When either side is making noise, they’re just being defensive.

    There’s big name venues and leagues, competitions and tournaments, there’s fame and fortune, there’s hype publicity and coverage at the high levels, there’s armies of naive dreamers who think they’ll make it big, that they’ll become scouted and sponsored and major players.

    Call it whatever you want, entertain any distinction in your mind, all of the above will still be true.

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