Emerald City Comicon – Star Wars The Radio Play

For those who have not seen this video, prepare to have your mind blown. Watch many famous voice actors such as Billy West, Tara Strong, and John DiMaggio to just name a few reenact most of Star Wars Episode 4 – A New Hope in the voices they made famous from various cartoons. A small warning, there is some mature language in this video:

The Dark Knight – Just The Joker

With The Dark Knight Rises coming out in a couple months I came across this video of all The Joker’s scenes from The Dark Knight:

Backup Your File Systems by Pixar

The folks at Tested made a pretty awesome interpretation of how Pixar nearly lost Toy Story 2. The lesson here, work from home.

Diablo 3 As Described By Walmart

Walmart’s product description of Diablo 3 is uhhh, interesting.

Owly Images

Oh, and by the way, here’s a picture of the D3 product in some of the Walmart’s out there… thanks @ChrisTheProf for this!