Atomic Robo: Last Stop short film Official Trailer!

Can’t wait to see the finished product. Atomic Robo was the series that got me into comics so I’ll eat up anything Robo.

Link to the kickstarter campaign here.

If you have yet to discover the series, check out the first issue FREE at comiXology here.

Minecraft Lego Set Coming This Summer

Mincraft is basically Lego anyway so the natural thing to do is for them to release a set  based on the game. J!NX will be releasing this set that retails for $34.99 for a summer release. The set comes with 480 pieces including bricks made to look like the mineral blocks mined in the game as well as figures of Steve and a Creeper from the game.

50 Movies With Bad Translations

It is always fun to see when something gets translated into a different language and then back into English. Here is a list of 50 movies that were translated into different languages and back to English and some of them are hilarious. Give them a look.

More adventures in Noob Town USA for Scott in Minecraft

This time in the official Frogpants server, hanging with ScottyD, admin and lord over all he surveys. Enjoy part 1!