If you weren’t going to watch the Super Bowl…

Yes, it’s probably a Honda Ad. Who cares!? It’s more Ferris!

Princess Leia Meets Tank Girl

One thing I think a lot of us like is mash-ups taking something and combining it with the style of something else. This awesome picture of Princess Leia done in the style of Tank Girl has come out. It looks really cool. I love the detail on her various patches and buttons. You can read more about this mash-up here.

Steve the duck in, “Duck and Cover”

Now available as a 12x36inch print! On the store now. (see a large version of the image here as well.)

5 Ways Star Trek And Star Wars Are Better Than Each Other

I was looking for some geeky Star Wars VS Star Trek debates and came across this article. It highlights five ways that each franchise is better than the other. I guess it all balances out in the end but the reasons on each side are really good ones. Give it a read.