Portal: No Escape

Short film by Dan Trachtenberg. Stunning in every way. More please.

Let’s do a photoshop contest!

UPDATE: Here are the entries so far.

I love this picture of Data from season three of TNG. I really wanna do a photoshop contest based on this image. You guys are creative, so lets do this!

We will take entries for a full week, and then assemble some judges to pick a winner. The top pick will win a Frogpants Prize Package! (t-shirt, print, stickers, etc.)

Click the image for a LARGER image to work with!

Anything goes! When you have your image ready, email them to myextralife at gmail dot com. GO GO GO!

DOTA 2 tournament live now!

The international tournament started today and lasts until the final battle on Sunday 8/21.

If you love your RTS action and have some spare time at work, you should definitely catch part of a match (if for nothing else but to listen to the intensity of the commentators). For those of you on Steam, you can find it if you search for DOTA.

Everyone else can find the live stream here.

Fan film festival “you didn’t know you entered”

No, this isn’t really geeky, but I love it when bands and artists show appreciation to their fans.

Does it hurt that I’ve loved Blink since 6th grade? No. Is this to promote their new song and album? Yes.

Still loved it. Hope you enjoy.