The N’11 Photo and Video Roundup!

Nerdtacular 2011…holy crap, that was fun. Seems like it happened just last week. Wait! It did! And we have photo and video proof!

I can’t thank Bill Doran enough for the great photo and video work he did at the event. He is really talented, and such a nice dude to boot. I really hope he keeps coming to this thing for as long as he’ll have us.

And now, on to the photos and videos! Here is a BIG Flickr group with most of the photos from that day.

I will embed the three main video edits right here:

Nerdtacularly Challenged Gameshow

The LIVE Film Sack

The Bowling Diaries

Muppet Trailer Palooza

Over the past month and a bit we’ve been treated with a few parody-trailers for the upcoming Muppets movie, due in cinemas November 23. Finally, though, we’ve been given the Official Trailer which can be seen below for your viewing pleasure.

Take the jump for all of the other trailers that I could find for this upcoming movie, including the awesome Green Lantern spoof.


Nerdtacular ’11 Podcasts

Photo courtesy of williedills

So those of you who have been hiding under a rock for the past few months, you may have missed the fact that Nerdtacular ’11 happened this past Friday in Scott’s hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. You might have caught some of the live streaming, if you weren’t under a rock, but you may also have missed it, whether because you had work or live in a different country or timezone.

So this page is dedicated to hunting down and finding all of the podcasts that have a snippet from the day; whether it be the live Film Sack recording or the Producers Panel, I’ll do my best to find it all.

Nerdtacular 2011 Introduction (care of VTW Productions)

Direct MP3 Download

Frogpants Studios Podcasters and Producers Panel (care of VTW Productions)

Direct MP3 Download

Nerdtacularly Challenged (care of VTW Productions)

Direct MP3 Download

The Final Score 58 – Live, from Nerdtacular 2011 (this is the Vidja Games Panel)

– Direct MP3 Download
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Film Sack #78: The one about Tremors (LIVE)

– Direct MP3 Download
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All the live stream info for Nerdtacular 2011!

Get all the good here!