iPhone cases up on the store!

Good news! We’ve been promising these for a while. Two iPhone 4 cases are up on the store, featuring Obey Henry, and Steve The Duck! (Android coming soon.) Check em out!

Oh … That’s Awkward … And Awesome

The world is full of awkward and awesome things, but it’s only now that the camera phone is such a ubiquitous device that we get to see just how many awkward and awesome things there are.

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Video Game Villains World Map

No longer are the villains of video games all variations on a Nazi theme, the gamer is being hunted by Cubans, North Koreans, Iraqis and many more. This helpful infographic map will help you keep track of all the villains you’ve been encountering in your gaming lately.

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Books Everyone Should Read

David McCandless of Information is Beautiful has compiled this handy infographic of books, based on over 15 notable book polls. It’s an interesting list of books, and shows an obvious propensity for geeky literature.

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Here’s what McCandless had to say in The Guardian:

I scraped the results of over 15 notable book polls, readers surveys and top 100’s. Both popular and high-brow. They included all Pulitzer Prize winners, Desert Island Discs choices from recent years, Oprah’s Bookclub list, and, of course, The Guardian’s Top 100 Books of All Time. A simple frequency analysis on the gathered titles gives us a neat ‘consensus cloud’ visualisation of the most mentioned books titles across the polls.

And if you’re not into graphics, but do want to see the data, check out the spreadsheet of the lists he combined.