Why Can’t Computers Just Be Honest?

Came across this and laughed.

Or, as the author of the comic over at Doghouse Diaries suggests, why can’t they “at least provide helpful tips like, “It won’t take THAT long. Maybe go make a sandwich”?


Say Anything Zelda…

I want this on a T-shirt.

(via AledKnowsBest)

And if you don’t get the reference. There ya go.

Big Nerdtacular 2011 update to consume

For all those ExtraLifers planning on attending this year, check out the latest post on the official site. Ticket dates, VIP lists, the day’s schedule, and more. Check it!

Willem Dafoe is Awesome

This might only tickle my fancy, I’m not sure, but this ad for Jim Beam is really quite exceptional. Willem Dafoe plays a veritable mass of characters in this short ad, entitled Parallels.