The Uncanny Valley is somewhere in Japan.

Helpful Venn Diagram

I think maybe a lot of people need to print out this very helpful Venn diagram and put it on their walls.

[Via Dave Makes]

Angry Birds Halloween

I’m not in the habit of providing free advertising for products, but sometimes it’s just a bit too good to pass up mentioning. It’s nearly Halloween, and Rovio has jumped in on the action with Angry Birds Halloween.

Check it out at the iTunes store.

A new Instance print available on the store!

Illustrated by Scott, this print features your two favorite hosts riding atop their very own mammoth, spreading the good podcasting word far and wide, in what looks to be Duratar. (Gotta get those low levelers while they’re still young, right?)

It comes in either a 12×18 inch or 20×30 inch high quality print, signed by the artist, and shipped anywhere in the world. To order yours, click HERE!