Possible Leaked E3 lineup on the web

Dude…are you seeing Road Rash HD up there? I am.

LAST day of the ZeHosting discount! Get it while it lasts!

Just a reminder to the community at large that the special code setup for you guys, is ending today! ZeHosting is the host for ExtraLife, and I love these guys. If you need hosting, this code gives you 25% off your plan! That’s pretty huge, and extremely hard to pass up. Plus, they are just great at everything they do for ExtraLife. Can’t recomend them enough. Neither can some of the other web comics folk who call it home, like CAD, VG Cats, and others.

The code to use is: EXTRA25

The place to go? Right here!

Jonah Hex looks like great fun!

Other than how much Megan Fox bugs me, looks like a fun adaptation of the DC classic!

Experience Points now posts Monday AND Thursday

Hey all. In case you missed the note I put out on Twitter some time ago, XP is now posting two days a week over at GameCulture. So check it out! New one up today!