Zombie Golf Pro added to the 56 Zombies print


Click here for the rest. Things are coming along nicely.

CONTEST: Take a picture of yourself that you are sure will make me laugh, send it to myextralife at gmail dot com, and include in the subject line, “contest”, and you could win a 12×18 inch signed print of the Zombie Golf Pro…free of course. The winner will be the image that made me laugh the most. Did this a while back with the Astronaut. Thought we could do it again. Any old web cam shot or pic will do. I’ll take entries up through all of Monday.

I love Tex Avery

More here.

The article they did on me in the Daily Herald


Not sure you guys know this, but I am not a huge fan of talking about myself. So doing this interview was tricky because they were super nice people, yet when it comes to talking about me, I kind of shy-up a little bit more than I probably need to. I’d rather talk about movies and video games.

But, nonetheless, an article was created, and I link it for you now. Enjoy it! And huge thanks again to Cathy for spending the time with me. She was really nice!

Toy Story 3 teaser shows up.


I know there are some haters out there, but sign me up. Loves me some more TS.