Best costume of all time, by golly

Community Reminders…

Been a while since I reminded folks about the various ways and means of being a larger part of the EL community. Figured I would post em up for safe keeping:

– Follow me on Twitter
– Join the Message Boards
– Face my Face on Facebook
– PSN: Frogpants
– 360 Gamertag: elrscott

That is all. Don’t eat any candy with shards of glass and stuff in it.

Mario Gots Milk

More of this sort of thing.

The Top Ten Imortals…

Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod introduced us to the legend of The Quickening, and why it is best to keep our head on our shoulders. A foundling, Connor later discovers his immortality when a conk on the head fails to kill him. An outcast, MacLeod wanders the land until he settles down to live a life with his young wife. With the help of mentor Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, MacLeod learns to defend himself against those who wish to take his head.

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