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12 Coolest Deaths In Science Fiction History

A taste:

After Arnold Schwartzenegger’s T-800 helps Sarah and John Connor defeat Robert Patrick’s mean T-1000 by blowing it up and knocking it into molten metal, Arnie knows he has to go too. If there’s anything left of the T-800, the technology could be used to reconstitute Skynet and bring the badness down on our heads. So Arnie gets Sarah Connor to lower him — slowly — into the molten metal. He gives a thumbs up as he descends to his robo-fondue doom.

The rest of them.

ELR #198: “Blonde = Dead”

I REALLY had a good time with this one. Easily one of my favorite episodes of all time. Not sure why, but we ran with it. We talk a bit about Wipeout HD, but mostly we hit the monster topic of movie stereotypes. Horror, side kicks, anti-heroes, etc.

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Looking for some 8 man Wipeout HD action and would love to add more of you PS3 peeps so we can hook up. Add me! frogpants on PSN. Join me and Skyhawk and others in the not too distant future, filled with hover car technology and gritty post apocalyptic ruin.

UPDATE: Tuesday night, watch for a post here, or watch for FrogPants in game…it’s go time!