Would like to do a test…

I want to see how many people can comment in one post…testing out how many actually display, and deciding if I need to implement any sort of page pagination to improve speed in cases where a post gets tons of traction.

So, comment? That would great.

Weird to see old stuff I did…

So way back in 99 or something I was working on this UT mod called Warrior Realm with my buddy Chris. This site was the result, but nothing really came of it. Still weird to see old stuff like this.

And if you think that’s weird, check out The Feeler, an online comic I did forever ago, that looks horrible to me now, but still has promise if I ever want to revive it. Anyway, enter at your own risk.

EDIT: I even still own TheFeeler.com. I really should reboot that thing.

And now, the goat that yells like a dude

Old for some, but awesome for all. Of course, there is this one and this one too. The lesson here is that goats are totally underrated.

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