EL reader gives us great lunch ideas


Got this today from Mike, who lives nearby up in SLC. Thanks for the snapshot, Mike!

Comic Coming…

Time got away from me last night, but I will have something up today as soon as I polish off what I started. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Might end up being a saturday strip after all. I am leaving town tonight. Will keep you updated.

UPDATE 2: Well that was interesting. No time for nothing this weekend thus far. I won’t rush it. Will have a new one up Monday. Forgive the late tate.

ELR #161: “Canadian Nipples!”


Topics include the new Joker look, Surf’s Up being decent, Beowulf, KITT, Futurama, Nintendo success, the gaming GDP, Gears PC, and Crysys. And loads of other things to boot.

Additional thanks to GoDaddy, O, Brian, Scott Fletcher, Rob Goobers, Sliverlybisty, various contributors, and YOU!

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Why Assassin’s Creed Fails


A quote:

Having accomplished all that, the team then failed to support their presentation with any gameplay mechanics that go beyond the utterly mundane. And there’s barely even any of that. Assassin’s Creed innovates in many ways, except for the ones that are unique and crucial to the medium.

Interesting take over at Wired.com. I’ve not played the game at all, but I know many of you have. What are your thoughts on the game?