I so wanna see 3:10 to Yuma

Don’t you?

Lets cast The Dark Tower, shall we?


Screw Hollywood! Let’s do this ourselves! I love the Dark Tower, and I require that they do a good job on this. 🙂 I say we help them along a little and give them a good headstart. First up? Rolland. Easy pick for me. Gotta be first Gerard Butler, of 300 fame. If I have to have a runner up, then give me Christian Bale. I have some ideas on supporting cast and other characters, but I really want to hear yours. So, who would you cast in the Dark Tower movie(s)?


Today is the last day I will be taking entries for the latest ExtraLife Photoshop contest, which you can read all about here. Get em in before the judging begins! The deadline is tonight at midnight, Eastern time. ELR, Instance, and Infendo hosts will judge the winner, plus two runners up!

Lair Review: 4.9 / 10 from IGN

I really had high hopes for this one. Anyone play it yet? Most reviews are pretty sour on this one, as apposed to Warhawk which seems to be getting a lot of praise in contrast. Still, I am sad to see another game I thought might be a bit of a system seller get such bad reactions.