Diary #41: “The Gas Attack of 2007”


Strange title? Just listen. And I try and record a bad fast food moment, but they weren’t having any. 🙂

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Amazing 3 year old kid artist


This is pretty amazing. Though a couple people have pointed out that we never see the kid paint where we can see more than just his hand…that an adult might be moving his arm around outside of camera shot. Not so sure, but thought you guys would like to see it nonetheless. Thanks, Jan!

Teen Titans Go!


Interesting news this morning for comic / movie fans:

“It is not known which heroes will be used, but Nightwing is said to be in the mix.

Goldsman said the tone will be consistent with such recent Warners’ comic book fare as ‘Batman Begins,’ ‘Superman Returns’ and the upcoming ‘Watchmen.’ “

Thanks to MajorSpoilers.

First look: ‘Speed Racer’s’ hot car


Wow! Looks pretty sweet! I have doubts about the movie, but hey, maybe they will suprise us! Thanks to Kreg for the source.