Poll: ELR Listeners


Interesting results. Seems nearly all of you listen at your computers.

Why can’t a person tickle himself?

The answer lies at the back of the brain in an area called the cerebellum, which is involved in monitoring movements. Our studies at University College London have shown that the cerebellum can predict sensations when your own movement causes them but not when someone else does. When you try to tickle yourself, the cerebellum predicts the sensation and this prediction is used to cancel the response of other brain areas to the tickle.

Very interesting.

PlayStation 3 ad shows up in Xbox 360 game

Earlier this month EA announced plans to release a football game based on the UEFA Champions League event, also releasing some screenshot-style renders to accompany the announcement, one of which partially revealed a PlayStation 3 ad in the background…

There you go then. And no, I have no idea why I used an image of Marv Albert.

KITT up for sale


Well we all knew this day was coming, right? So get out there and put a bid on the coolest car in TV history. Wonder when they’ll sell Hassellhoff himself?