Wanna see a real Liger?


Holy crap! This thing is HUGE!

Ding Pong gets his first book!


Keep an eye on this guy…he is heading to the TOP OF THE WORLD one day! (Click the small image to embiggen.) 😉

EDIT: You can do your own here.

Watching Dick Clark’s Balls Drop


So I had a fun idea. If you have already DING’D the new year where you are, post it here and where you are from. Don’t post till you hit midnight though, I want to see the virtual timer tick as people add their comment. 🙂

UPDATE: DING!! It’s 07 here. Woot! Here’s hoping for a great 07.

Guilty Pleasure Movies


I have been catching a fair amount of flack for my enjoyment of “The Lake House”. I guess if truth be known, there are a fair amount of movies that fall into that category: Movies I should not like so much but do.

Here is my short list: (in no particular order)

1. Fried Green Tomatoes
2. Babe (the pig one)
3. Hot Lead & Cold Feet
4. Dear Frankie
5. Driving Miss Daisy

That is just a few of the movies that seem to defy my normal taste in film. 🙂 What’s your list?