I could be wrong, but I think Hell has a special seat for Springer.


Holy crap, dude. How does this stuff get aired in the first place? EDIT: People are having issues with the fact that I posted this. To honor their feelings, I’d like to ask a question…do you want me to dump the post? I had no intent to tick people off…I was ticked myself and wanted to see what others thought…simple as that.

I know its not new


But this guy has to be watched if you missed it. Think you are hardcore?

New version of Line Rider released

This link takes you straight to the SWF file.

UPDATE: It would seem this is not official…just another hacked version.

Rise of the Silver Surfer Gets a Ride


The entire vehicle isn’t revealed in the shot, but from what we can see, I like it. The design is sleek, is using some of today’s components that will surly find their way into modified cars if they aren’t there already (seats, headlights, and so on). The flying vehicle was designed by Tim Flattery, who also designed the controversial Batmobile for Batman Forever.

There you go.