World of Warcraft meets South Park

I can’t freaking wait for this premere. Click here for a sneak peek.

The Instance #35: WoW Raids Second Life!

Loads of goodies for WoW fans.

The Feed
The MP3 File
The iTunes Subscription

Nintendo confirms Wii Wavebird support

Back when Nintendo first announced that the Wii would accept standard Gamecube controllers as a form of input device, there was the question of Wavebird compatibility. Wonder no more! Nintendojo had Nintendo representatives confirm Wavebird support, o’ glorious day!

w00t! Great news for a lot of us Wavebird users!

Check THIS out. 2D to 3D.

I could see this technique working really well for a video game…say where our hero goes from the outside world into photographs and pursues the mystery from inside the photo’s world. I ramble. Here it is.