List your favorite super hero characters

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Big centipede vs. mouse.

This is pretty primal folks. Hard to watch if you like mice.

Gives me the freaking creeps. Thanks to Splatterpope for the link.

UPDATE: Some are offended by this post, for that I am sorry. Its not intended to shock for shock sake. I just felt it was a interesting look at preditor and prey, not unlike something you might see on Discovery or PBS, minus the fancy voice over and music. Should I take it down?

So I saw Superman Returns last night

And I really liked it. Thought it was good movie fun. But my mind was drawn back to a question I have had for ages. Where is Mark Pillow now? Does not seem he has had much work since Superman IV, one of the worst films ever made by anyone…anywhere. Ever.

And just a reminder. There are SOOO many things wrong with this.

PS3 Controller is a P.O.O.S.

The newest, frankly incredible trademark to be taken by a gaming company? Sony Japan has trademarked the PS3 controller as “P oo S”.

This according to Kotaku, sent to me by Sigma Crow.