I have a brilliant idea for Blizzard

And they can make bank while they are at it.

Get on the stick, and put a team on creating a graphical upgrade for Starcraft owners. Simple to do for them…just modify your already solid WCIII engine, keep all the AI and features the same, and BOOM! You have Starcraft 1.5 on your hands, and people would line up to buy that for 30 bucks. I know I would. Good idea, I tell you!!

Church Responds to Success of X-Men With Marvelâ„¢ Comic Book Bonfire

Got this from Chad today:

Landover Baptist’s comic book burning effort was in response to the recent success of Hollywood ‘s “Rated X-Men: The Last Stand” film, which is taking in record sales at the box office, filling the greedy coffers of Hell.

Crazy talk.

Today’s Guest Comic

Special thanks to Len of Jawbone Radio fan for his guest contribution to EL today!

ExtraLife Radio #91: Wolverine is a Whiner

Big fat show, with our first ever “How were the Graphics” segment dealing almost entirely with X-Men III. But lots more is here to be had! Also, check out this great stuff from YouBuyNow! (And a warning, the show contains a few spoilers about the X3 film, so you’ve been warned. :))

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