Seems to me to be rather amazing

Seems like the PS3 is gonna be a serious powerhouse, at least raw graphics power-wise anyway. The MGS mustache demo was NOT pre-rendered after all. This is rather mind blowing.

Comic coming a tad late

Scanner is on the fritz for no reason. Lamp dead I think. Over 500 comics were done with it so I guess it served me well enough. 🙂

Probably gonna have to get a new one, but will try and have the strip up asap either way. Sorry for the delay folks.

UPDATE: Ok…comic up! Sorry for the delay. Used the scanner at work. 🙂 Strange comic to boot…no idea where my mind was on this one. Take it for what its worth.

Diary of a Cartoonist: Episode 7

Watch me come up with my Wii joke. Good good times.

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The Instance #17: The Calls Have It!

A big show featureing YOUR CALLS! Yes, this is a show crafted by listeners. 🙂 We cover WAY too many subjects to mention here, but loads of great content! Enjoy!

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