So what do you guys make of this weird MS thing?

Is it a portable Xbox? A iPod killer? A uber PDA? A penis enlargment device? I guess we will find out on the second of March. See the overly viral site here.

Tonight’s ELR Show

As part of tonights show we will be touching on the TV comedies we like, hate, and could care less about. New, old, and inbetween. Don Knotts will surely get a mention.

Call 206-203-CRAP.

Or send your audio files to

UPDATE: Show is done and done.

ExtraLife Video Game

Some of you have sent me emails asking if we had a ExtraLife themed game in the works, mostly due to a recent poll we had up. The short answer is yes. The long answer is that I can’t tell you much about it till its done, which will be REALLY soon. Sufice it to say, a very talented coder who works for a undisclosed video game publisher is behind this killer peice of work. I am bringing all sorts of visual stuff, sound effects, etc. So keep an eye out!

Any guesses on the type of game it is?

The classic Zelda rap comercial

Oh the good times the 80’s brought my life. This one is great! Thanks to Dobsky for the reminder.