Thought I would share our 2006 new years card

Every year we have a bit of a tradition here at the Johnson household.  I create a new years card, usually some sort of illustration, a picture of us and the kids, etc, and we have these mass printed and sent to people.  (This year I stole one of the entries.)  They are full color glossy and pretty cool looking, 4 X 6 inches.

So since I can’t physically send one out to all of my EL family, I thought I would post it here, and add that I hope you ALL have a wonderful new year!  As for me and ExtraLife, we will be here for you the whole time.  🙂   HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Yellow Men on

Way back in early high school I came up with a bunch of images and drawings based on characters I called Yellow Men.  They were basically androgynous looking dudes in yellow shirts and blond hair.  The images were always these huge surrealistic areas where a bunch of them would just be hanging out, not unlike this piece.  Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

You can now torrent that banned South Park it would seem

Have not seen it.  I am sure its horribly offensive.  I am told the torrent is right here.

100 things we didn’t know this time last year

There are some gooders in here:

18. If all the Smarties eaten in one year were laid end to end it would equal almost 63,380 miles, more than two-and-a-half times around the Earth’s equator.

Get the whole list right chear.