I may just explode. THIS is why terrorists strike me as full on retarded.

Islamic extremists rejoiced in America’s misfortune, giving the storm a military rank and declaring in Internet chatter that “Private” Katrina had joined the global jihad, or holy war. With “God’s help,” they declared, oil prices would hit $100 a barrel this year.

Thanks to Brian for sending me this lame freaking insight into the broken mind.

Briton Finds Venomous Centipede in House

How’d you like to find this in your grilled cheese sandwich?

5 f-words is ALL you get!

“Within each lesson the teacher will initially tolerate (although not condone) the use of the f-word (or derivatives) five times and these will be tallied on the board so all students can see the running score,” (assistant headmaster Richard White) wrote in the letter.

Thanks, Brooke!

ExtraLife Radio #42: The Big SciFi Show!

BUMPED: A Scifi focused episode of ExtraLife Radio, with special guest, Rico, king of science fiction. 🙂 The whole team is here to cover such topics as Star Trek, SciFi books that count, science fiction TV and Movies we are enjoying and / or looking forward to, and a whole lot more. A couple more mini-contests as well, so listen close. Thanks to all the regulars.

EDIT: Got this from Vlad today regarding SciFi to reality stuff. Very cool.

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