A cool maze for you to figure out

My friend Dennis likes to do these maze things on paper and they are really cool, and rather tough. You can see it here and print it if you like. How many of you are up to the challenge?

Nintendo DS vs. PlayStation Portable

Got this from a fan this morning. Seems like an interesting rant. 🙂

ExtraLife Radio #36: Digital Strips Interview Show

Great show featuring an interview with Zampzon and Daku from DigitalStrips.com. We talked ALOT about webcomics, which you should all enjoy quite a bit. Thanks to them again for a great show!

Get the feed here.
Get the MP3 directly here.

Great news as well! iTunes finally has my album art working. Check it out here.

VOTE for EL radio on PodcastAlley!

EDIT: And I do have a new comic for today, just had some scanner problems last night. Will have it up asap.

Big Eater

Someone sent this to me random like and all I can say is…ewww. Freaking huge!